WORTHY QUOTE | Alfred, Lord Tennyson: Ring Out, Wild Bells

An old poem for a new year… A gift from 1850 on the birth of 2017. I am often hesitant to take poetry out of context, for fear of losing the greater meaning and the poet’s original intent. However, I will make an exception this time, as when I re-read this short selection, taken from a much lengthier elegy, … Continue reading

Advice From The Poet: On Creating Art & Community

Advice from the Poet on Creativity and Community

I came to San Miguel de Allende via Wonderland and Oz… It was at an eclectic gathering comprised of a handful of locals, a few European and North American ex-pats, a fistful of fellow travelers, some missionaries and several artists and authors at a bohemian house party in an artsy community along the Mexican hillside … Continue reading

Writing as Worship

It was in the late decay of August, under the large white VIP tent, backstage at an outdoor music festival that I first saw him in person, a rock artist and poet I had admired for some time.  And as if I knew what I was doing I closed my book and impetuously walked right … Continue reading

POETRY | Summer Days of Childhood

Oh the happy days of summer When no learning must take place I am free to roam and ramble At my own desired pace I’ll watch the birds and butterflies While fishing in the stream I’ll listen to the boisterous buzzing of a band of bumblebees Or a symphony of crickets serenade me in the … Continue reading

POETRY | Saturday

Worthy Books and Things

wild watermelon hard candy my favorite flavor tastes like happy to me   like sunshine clear skies and good tunes on long country drives all alone   books filling bookshelves and not checking e-mail both make me smile on the inside   saturday morning coffee with a good friend and fresh air weekends   laughter … Continue reading


Worthy Books and Things

You tie me in your laces   You lock me   in your box   You leave me     in your (homeless) shelter   You lead me   in your (lost) cause   Walking in (your) step You let me pass (at last)   © Una-Melina // Worthy Books & Things, 1995.

POETRY | Forgiveness

Dark words drip like tar (sweet lips hiss) Dumb struck and stuck again Long lines lift from the page Black tracks lead back to me Broken words fall from my fingertips Let slip    my grip Star struck crash the night sky Cosmic collision hard made decision Scattered sands of time Midnight mysteries unclothed  unashamed Cold waves … Continue reading

POETRY | 98.6

Worthy Books and Things POETRY

Here and there I stand shivering from the inside Out of the heart we do not speak Poised and poisoned I’ve tasted your venom Coiled and cooled you’ve swallowed your silence Whispering glances have stolen the secrets Physical phantom this tepid reunion Shadows sweltering in the sun scattered ashes hanging Warm still smoke no longer blazing … Continue reading

POETRY | Through Deep Darkness

Faithless and formless A void of convictions Conflicting within us We ask not and have not   While waiting to see What we cannot Because we planted not We harvest our vanities   Supplanting me Inspiring and tiring Failing and flailing without feeling All the pain and the suffering   Don’t waste me Wait for … Continue reading

POETRY | Dream Girl

I once knew a girl in every way beautiful Brimming with so much passion and potential Bright green eyes deep full of meaning and sparkle She showed her happiness with a dimple When she smiled full of pleasure   She was so beautiful, this girl I remember Bursting with laughter and good humor Quick witted … Continue reading

POETRY | Worship and Passion

Worship and Passion poem

Fullness of freedom Worship and passion Flavor fulfillment  Rejoice in the stillness Taste and see… God is good Speak to our heart With Your beauty and art Common complacency Sing! Soulful celebration Intimate electric incarnation Better than our imagination Draw close, closer and closest In our desire to be possessed By our Desire (at its … Continue reading

POETRY | To Be Free

To Be Free Indeed poem

Prophetic perplexity and probability Constantly chasing me Set me free Poetic justification and frustration Landscaped living and breathing To be free I’m hemmed in and stitched still Prayerfully pleading To be set free Waxworks and wisdom Conflicting within me To be free Lord lead me closer Feeding my hunger Fully free Wisdom walking and speaking Spirit Fasten … Continue reading

POETRY | Stranded in Plenty

Stranded in Plenty Poem

Plasma rich in plenty Intrinsic and petrified Within ourselves We relied Or tried We lied Tried to hide Then broke down (inside) Our caves and our castles Despite our convictions Contradictions play Before our eyes We are blinded (by) Pride and vanity All is meaningless Of course unless Dare I protest? Do my best Without … Continue reading

POETRY | Dream

Worthy Books and Things .com

Delight in the Lord (and) He will give to you Your desires (of) Heart and Mind and More (than) Sands on the seashore More (than) You could ever think to Ask (for) Tomorrow to borrow (from) Today       To travel Through the Open Door   In due time You will flower In ripe season You will sing In quiet steps You … Continue reading

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