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INTENTIONALISM  /inˈten(t)SHənlˌizəm/  noun
the art and philosophy of living life on purpose


Una-Melina is the founder and editor. Her writing will encourage and inspire you to live your best life!

Writer and wife, mother and minister, designer and daydream developer; here to help everyday creatives discover your design, envision your values, live loved and make a difference. 

Una lives with intention, passion and purpose.  She can help you do the same.



In addition to INTENTIONALISM Una-Melina’s writing has been featured on art & faith websites, Christian ministry publications and various blogs around the web.  She’s written/co-written many songs registered with ASCAP, a former recording artist and public speaker, writer and co-host of a Christian family television program.  Her award-winning poetry has also been published in several poetry collections, as well as being selected for additional (unsolicited) poetry publications.

“Una-Melina’s verse is wonderfully expressive…”

“displays a unique perspective and original creativity…

                                                                                                        …exceptional poetry.”


Una-Melina’s writing has been Freshly Pressed by WordPress and featured on Weekend Reads.

“The writer. . . weaves a nostalgic story about her childhood, family, sister, and death. She crafts a sensory narrative composed of fragments, each starting with “I remember . . .” and the build up of these fragments — and memories — results in a beautiful piece about growing up and simply remembering. But it’s layered, and not all sweet — the writer deftly recounts a life that is at once beautiful but sad.”

– Cheri Lucas Rowlands, WordPress News


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