Dark words drip like tar (sweet lips hiss)
Dumb struck and stuck again
Long lines lift from the page
Black tracks lead back to me

Broken words fall from my fingertips
Let slip    my grip
Star struck crash the night sky
Cosmic collision hard made decision

Scattered sands of time
Midnight mysteries unclothed  unashamed
Cold waves crash free wash past
Salt water whispers sacred secrets searching

Friendship sheltered shoreline
Stories shared salvation found
Emotions broken  sinking ground
Regrets ring around memories 

Faith fueled fire  forgiveness
First steps toward freedom sacred
Ritual, rite or passage    Grace gifted
Light lifted looking for tomorrow longing

Fighting for forever love lifted me
Beauty and chemistry echoes of eternity
Time as it passes  too easily   missed
Soft words drip like honey (sweet lips kiss)


© Una-Melina // Worthy Books & Things, 2014.