Faithless and formless

A void of convictions

Conflicting within us

We ask not and have not


While waiting to see

What we cannot

Because we planted not

We harvest our vanities


Supplanting me

Inspiring and tiring

Failing and flailing without feeling

All the pain and the suffering


Don’t waste me

Wait for me

Let it be

A story beginning


Transplant and transport me

Don’t abort me

I’m watching and waiting

To see what I cannot see


Nothing surrounds me

Save the sound of

The falling leaves and their trees

In the stillness


They are falling (inside me)

Voices silenced and sighing

So tired of

The trying


Perfect me, re-create me

Oh let me be

Alive not abandoned

By the roadside of greed


Transfixed and trembling

I plead for your mercy

Father forgive me

I know what I’m doing


Faithless and fearless

I marked all my milestones

Like millstones   they’re dragging me

Down dark deep as the sea bottomless eternity


Stargazers stillness

You feel for the helpless

Forgotten and friendless

Salvation is endless


“Father forgive them”

You know what we’re thinking

Forgetting to listen

We deserve what we don’t get


Fathomless sinking

Star grasping relentless

Your truth watches over

The song of the hopeless


Faith, Hope and Love

You have granted and handed

But the greatest of these

We’ve abandoned


Still watching and waiting

You win with your mercy

While whispering love songs

To the ears of the half-deaf



© Una-Melina // Worthy Books & Things, 2013.