I once knew a girl in every way beautiful

Brimming with so much passion and potential

Bright green eyes deep full of meaning and sparkle

She showed her happiness with a dimple

When she smiled full of pleasure


She was so beautiful, this girl I remember

Bursting with laughter and good humor

Quick witted and truthful ‘twas rumored about her

With golden cheek and sun-streaked hair

Her skin was smooth and smile so fair


I knew this girl, we were good friends

I would tell her secrets with my pen

She always listened to stories mine

And knew the meaning between each line

“Never give up.” And “Take your time.”


So unafraid to speak her mind

Without fear of who might hear her

She believed in me when dreams were mine

For so she came to be defined

A dream herself, this friend of mine


So full of mystery and meaning

The future mine, she said, for seizing

I haven’t seen her for quite some time

Where did she go?  I cannot find (her)

If she could but read this rhyme of mine


Would it sing?  Could it remind her?

Would she listen as she did back then

To the story of my pen

And say hello to dreams again

This younger sister (self), my dear old friend


© Una-Melina // Worthy Books & Things, 2013.