Fullness of freedom
Worship and passion
Flavor fulfillment  Rejoice in the stillness
Taste and see… God is good

Speak to our heart
With Your beauty and art
Common complacency

Soulful celebration
Intimate electric incarnation
Better than our imagination
Draw close, closer and closest

In our desire to be possessed
By our Desire (at its best)
His better is better
Our better is less

Passionate stillness
Loves intoxicating illness
Sorrow melts away
At the doorway of Mercy

Weak kneed and desperate
We stand and ask for more
Emptiness His glory
Weakness our strength

The music of movement
Toward tender embrace
Sweet sacred breath
Of beauty and blessing

Like lovers caressing
With lingering longing
Our souls embrace
Their rightful place

In the heart
Of God’s grace and purpose
Exploring His Glory
In intimate worship

© Una-Melina // Worthy Books & Things, 2006.