“The whole world works in such a way that we are continually dragged away from our hearts to live in our heads. The problem with this is that our heads make decisions largely influenced by a mixture of fear and the pursuit of a comfortable, safe life. But our hearts are the fearless kind, our hearts are adventures of the best kind, and our hearts want far more than comfort–they want to do things we were born to do.
It is our hearts that hold the revelation of what will make us truly happy, and often our heads, with good intentions, pull us away from that life to live the ‘safe’ life instead.
Our heads say, “No, no, no!” to the dream in our heart. “That’s not possible. It would be great, but it’s too risky! It’s not profitable enough. It’s too dangerous. It’s not safe. It won’t put a roof over your head and food on the table.” …
In response, our hearts say: “But this is what I was created to do, to be, to live! Yes, it won’t be easy, but it will make me fully alive! Yes, it is risky, but what is life, if not a daring adventure? Yes, it isn’t profitable, not right now, but I want more than a mortgage and a fancy car! Don’t you understand? I want to do what I was created to do. I want to live, I want to be fully alive, and I want to give the whole world what I have stored up in my heart!”
What is in your heart is there for a purpose. Don’t let your mind dismiss the dream in your heart. Be brave. Trust your heart. Live from your heart, and follow the passion that stirs within it. For when we live from our heart, and follow the path our hearts long to walk upon, it is there we find life, and life in abundance. It may not be safe, it may not be easy–but it will make your heart fully alive.”
Mick Mooney
© Una-Melina // Worthy Books & Things, 2013.