Our first Scripture memory for the year begins with 1 Corinthians 13, known widely as the LOVE chapter of the Bible.

My Book of Days (gratitude journal) for this year happens to be Penhaligon’s Scented Book of Days called LOVE… I did not plan this.  Nor could I have planned it any better.

It was on a clear sunlit day in April when my eye first saw this beautiful treasure partially hidden in a stack of previously loved books.  It was during my annual pilgrimage to a delightful regional Book Sale that supports our local symphony orchestra as I was casually browsing the heavy laden tables when I discovered it.  I first recognized this brand of scented books as one that my mother had many years ago.

We moved often during my childhood and there were only a few things that were certain to remain after each move.  Her A Victorian Posy: Penhaligon’s scented treasury of verse and prose was often found on a table near a comfortable chair where I would pass many happy hours reading luscious poetry from rose scented pages that transported it’s reader to magical romantic gardens in imaginary lands far removed from the dishes I was too often avoiding.

My hand reached instinctively for the beloved dark blue cover and opening the pages I inhaled deeply the familiar happy fragrance of my youth.  Amazingly the previous owner had never filled in the pages. They were all crisp white and waiting for my own story to unfold within their perfumed pages.  I was smiling as I quickly buried my new treasure in the trove with other hard backed, classic and soft spoken gems.

And so I begin the new year with a new story of God’s unfailing LOVE.   These pages will be planted, line by line and row by row with the seeds of God’s grace that will grow into a garden of gratitude.

The life that He gives is beautiful.  His LOVE never fails.  May we never fail to be amazed by His amazing Grace.

© Una-Melina // Worthy Books & Things, 2013.