Maybe you are familiar with some of these already. Others may be new to you. What fun!  After reading through the list you might want to go check them out and discover what other readers just like you have already been enjoying!  I have provided links to each post.  Simply click on the title that interests you most and have fun!

So here they are, in order of popularity, the top twelve posts from Worthy Books & Things for 2012.

  1. If You Or Someone You Know Is An Introvert…
  2. Thanks, Mom!
  3. Roam If You Want To
  4. Just RELAX already!
  5. The Homeschool Diaries
  6. Is a toss up between:  How does your garden grow?  And O Pioneers!
  7. How Should We Then Learn?
  8. God’s Grace and Good Books
  9. Healthy Holidays!
  10. Back to School
  11. Why I like YouTube
  12. And ending with a tie between A Living Education Pt. 1: Any Questions? And Thanksgiving in 3 Words

The above ranking is based solely on the cold hard numbers available to me from my stats page.  I have shown no favoritism and simply posted them ‘as is’.

So, what do you think?  Did you see any of your personal faves?  What made them stand out to you?  Or did you have a favorite post from 2012 that didn’t make the list? I’d love to know what caught your eye and why.

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