One of the greatest resources we use in our home school is living books, also known as worthy books around here.  An excellent source we have found for obtaining quality children’s literature is Yesterday’s Classics and the Baldwin Project.  They offer a nice selection of worthy reading for multiple reading levels.

Yesterday’s Classics  provides both printed books and e-books of several hundred unique titles specifically for children. These are available for purchase from their website, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  For the last year or so we have thoroughly enjoyed using a large set of over 200+ books conveniently offered in e-book format that my children can read on their Kobo eReaders.  I highly recommend this collection of classic children’s literature.

The Baldwin Project  is a little different.  It is an absolutely fantastic website devoted to

“bringing yesterday’s classics to today’s children”

via children’s books made available through well formatted, customizable viewing options that may be read online. You really do have to browse the website to fully appreciate all that it has to offer.

For instance, among other things, they offer choice of font size, type, line spacing etc.  Best of all they “offer these resources at no charge and grant permission to individuals to print copies for personal and educational use.”  We have made great use of The Baldwin Project over the years and it is a valued part of our educational arsenal.  Perhaps you will find it useful and of some benefit as well.

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