There are many philosophies and methods for learning that have shaped my own approach to how I raise (elevate) and educate my own children.  Not the least of which is the premise that they are created by God as fully unique and complete individuals.

“Children are born persons.”

Twenty Principles of Education by Charlotte Mason

Over the years I have been influenced by many things from various aspects of unschooling, relaxed home education and self-directed learning to the philosophies and methods of John Taylor Gatto, Susan Schaeffer Macaulay, Charlotte Mason and a classical education…  the list goes on, but perhaps the most influential being that of my own experience of learning at home, at my own pace, on my own with many books, papers, pens, pencils, the great outdoors and a whole wide world of experiences (and run-on sentences).  Therefore I am quite comfortable giving that same freedom to my own children during their precious ‘school years.

Do your educational influences look anything like mine?  Perhaps not, because all God’s children are unique.  But I am sure you will find your own comfort zone and I hope that you too can experience the same joy and freedom by trusting God for His best even when you are at your less-than-best

Be encouraged and rest in the knowledge that your children are fully capable of learning ‘what they are supposed to learn, when they are supposed to learn it’.

And that is as unique as each individual child.

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