One could argue that an individual’s perception of and approach to life, parenting as well as education, at home or otherwise, is directly affected by (at least) three things: what one believes about

  1. God
  2. Self
  3. Children (others)

In order to experience peace as a home educating parent I believe one must first “Let go and let God.”  There must be a foundation of trust in God to

work all things together for good”  – Romans 8:28

regardless of how we might fall short of our best intentions at times.

It is also imperative that we recognize our own dependence upon God’s unlimited grace and love for us and then extend that same love and grace (a greater love than we can conjure on our own apart from the Divine) to our children.

Finally we simply must recognize that these beautiful young people that we have the privilege of nurturing and cultivating are created in the very image of God, their Heavenly Father (let’s truly hope that they take after Him more than us).  Children are just as capable of learning on their own as their bodies are capable of growing (on their own).

I believe it is our part as parents and educators to provide the nourishing environment in which they might learn by giving them the best, worthy books and experiences and then simply encouraging them in their own abilities to flourish and grow.

“Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life.”                          

– Charlotte Mason, Home  Education, Vol. 2: Parents and Children, 1904

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