“So what is a living education?”

“How do you know if your children are learning ‘what they are supposed to learn, when they are supposed to learn it’?”

“What about testing?”

“What about socialization?”

These are all common questions.  Really the ultimate question is, “Are you sure you have the ability to put everything into your child’s mind that is ‘supposed’ to get in there?”  Which is tantamount to asking, “Are you sure __________ (insert arbitrary name: boss, friend, associate, George Lucas, Google, the Beatles, CNN etc.) has the ability to put everything into your mind that’s ‘supposed’ to get in there?” 

The obvious answer is, of course not!  Sometimes these queries take the form of casual inquiries from friends and family, other times they might seem more like full interrogations and at times they are simply left unspoken (but thought very loudly).  All these questions just make me giggle inside!

As home educators we have all been asked these or similar questions (regularly and repeatedly) by many different people.  And I recognize that not everyone is as eccentric, unconventional, nonconformist, alternative, avant-garde, progressive or radical (pick one, or all of the above) in their ideas of education as I am.

And I know that answers will vary.

So I don’t let that deter or discourage my beliefs or intent; and neither should you.  Just speak the truth in love and let freedom ring in the ears of those listening.

Or smile sweetly and ask, “Would you please repeat the question?” and try not to giggle.

© Una-Melina // Worthy Books & Things, 2012.