Gardening might not be the first thing we think about as we observe the dreary autumn weather.  In fact it was probably the farthest thing from my mind as I drove through the chilly and overcast countryside with my daughter on our way home from the store this evening.  But given my daughter’s love for botany and after seeing this mini-greenhouse My winter garden

in the Ikea catalogue and hoping to bring my lovely potted herb garden (herbs in a pot = herb garden) in to the kitchen this winter I must admit it has been creeping into my mind a little bit here and there.

For most of us living within the city limits a garden might very well be the closest thing to ‘Nature Study’ that our children ever experience.  Here is a lovely little article by James Witmer in The Curator that I stumbled upon today with more than a few good reasons to enjoy the beauty of His earth together with your children.

So, how does your garden grow?  Is Nature Study a part of your home educating experience?

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