I was one of the original ‘Pioneers’ of the home school movement back in 1983. My daring parents, former hippies, current musicians and artists, saved by grace out of the miry clay had such a dramatic testimony of God’s amazing grace and goodness that churches often asked them to come and share their story of salvation and family redemption.

We were a very creative and musical family and so we were invited to share our music as well at many churches and various Christian events around America, Ontario and the Caribbean. It was when the invitations became so many and wide spread that it made full-time travel with their five school-aged children a necessity that my parents decided home education was the best option for our family.

Thus I had the joy and privilege of learning at home, or on the road from grade five through high school graduation. I learned much from our travels, seeing new sites, meeting new people and doing things as well as reading worthy books and spending time outdoors with nature. I absolutely loved it!

So much so that now, almost thirty years later, I’ve given my own children the same freedom to learn at home that I enjoyed as a child.

And this little family of mine, we have also become a creative and musical family. My husband sings all the time, plays guitar and occasionally leads worship at our church. Our daughter is part of the Music Ministry team at our church and loves to sing; she is also learning to play the guitar with some help from her dad. Our son is very involved in the youth band as well as the Music Ministry team; he plays the acoustic and bass guitars.

My children love to travel, and have been to various places in Ontario, Canada as well as several different States in America. They are still young and the list is long of the places they’d like to go and the things they’d like to do. So we read lots of worthy books and do things while we spend time together and outdoors with nature. And we continue to Pioneer a Living Education in 2012.

I would love to learn about your own journey as fellow Pioneers on this learning adventure. Maybe you use textbooks, living books or online tools; Classical, Traditional, Relaxed or Un-schooling? How have you forged your own path for your family’s education?

Perhaps you are just looking into the idea of home schooling and whether or not you want to be a Pioneer. That’s okay. I hope you feel very welcome here. This is a safe place to poke around and investigate the idea. I hope to add more content in time to help guide visitors to the books and websites I’ve found most helpful over the years. There are a few in the menu already- happy surfing!

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