Intentional Living

Live with Purpose. Live Loved.


The focus here at INTENTIONAL LIVING is primarily on living a simple life fueled by grace, creativity and authenticity. It’s realizing you were made on purpose for a purpose. Then deciding to live with purpose.

Intentionalism is more than minimalism. It’s purpose driven decisions and real authentic relationships. It’s living loved and learning to let go. It’s the careful choice to rest in God’s best, grow in grace, make a positive difference, and leave a legacy of love.


Una-Melina is the founder and editor. Her writing will encourage and inspire you to live your best life!

Writer and wife, mother and minister, designer and daydream developer; here to help everyday creatives discover your design, envision your values, live loved and make a difference. 

Una lives with intention, passion and purpose.  She can help you do the same.

In addition to INTENTIONAL LIVING Una-Melina’s writing has been featured on art & faith websites, Christian ministry publications and several blogs around the web. She’s written/co-written many songs registered with ASCAP, a former recording artist and public speaker, writer and co-host of a faith-based family television program.  Her award-winning poetry has also been published in several poetry collections, as well as being selected for additional (unsolicited) poetry publications.

“Una-Melina’s verse is wonderfully expressive…”

-C.S., Poetry .com

“displays a unique perspective and original creativity…

                                                                                                        …exceptional poetry.”

– Howard Ely, International Library of Poetry

“among the best…”

-The National Library of Poetry


Una-Melina’s writing has been Freshly Pressed by WordPress and featured on Weekend Reads.

“The writer. . . weaves a nostalgic story about her childhood, family, sister, and death. She crafts a sensory narrative composed of fragments, each starting with “I remember . . .” and the build up of these fragments — and memories — results in a beautiful piece about growing up and simply remembering. But it’s layered, and not all sweet — the writer deftly recounts a life that is at once beautiful but sad.”

– Cheri Lucas Rowlands, WordPress News


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